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A security site assessment or security audit determines if the current protective measures in place around a facility or residence are appropriate for the risk environment and are consistent with best practices. We also identify, via gap analysis, any weak points in security and provide sound, robust recommendations for the enhancement of technology, safety and security procedures.

Residential Security

Protection of the principal and family at their primary and other residences is often an integrated part of our executive protection program. We provide customized combinations of manpower and technology supported by procedures that are designed around the individual family’s lifestyle and preferences. 

Corporate Protection

​Risk Systems provides both armed and unarmed agents for corporate locations that require a subtle, professional, and smart security presence capable of responding to a myriad of on-site protection or emergency needs. Security Agents are attired in a manner that is appropriate for the client’s office environment and company culture with the intent of blending into the daily activity, but standing out as a deterrent when required. 

Secure Logistics

This service includes coordination of travel, transportation, events, dining, entertainment, tours, excursions, shopping, and all other special requests. For clients who require maximum privacy, discretion and reliability, this value-add is a natural extension of the services provided by Risk Systems personnel.

Executive Protection

Our expert agents protect the principal 24/7/365 or as necessary at work, at home and while traveling. Executive close protection programs include the option of covert protection and protective surveillance to minimize intrusiveness and deter incidents as far from the principal as possible.

From low to high threat levels, we can conform to your protection needs. Our clients include media figures, celebrities, Fortune 100 corporations, athletes, and high net worth individuals.   Even some of the largest security companies.

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